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What should I do if my client receives a demand letter?

Your clients may receive demand letters that question the compliance level of their site. This is no reason to panic, but these are the steps you should follow if it were to happen:

Locate your accessibility statement for the site in question, as well as any previous monthly compliance audits that have been conducted. Next, send these documents to the attorney or plaintiff that made the demand letter. These documents are a certification that their site has undergone specific changes to be accessible to people with disabilities as referenced by the WCAG. If you’re looking to get a current audit or statement, you can do that here or by reaching out to us directly.

If they still persist in refuting your client’s site's compliance, even with this supporting documentation - please reach out to us directly to provide you with additional information that affirms your compliance via our Litigation Support Package. The package will be custom-built after our tech team thoroughly reviews the demand letter in relation to the website in question. Our team will conduct a thorough deep dive of your site's compliance and provide you with additional compliance audits, multiple accessibility reviews on the domain, advice on responding to the plaintiff, as well as further supporting documentation.

Important note: Litigation support is offered for demand letters received after accessWidget was installed on your client's website.