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How much does accessiBe cost?

One of the best things about accessiBe is that it is affordable for websites of all sizes. This is because accessiBe believes that the only way to make the entire Internet accessible is to make it achievable for every website and this largely depends on cost. 

accessiBe does this by using automation to completely cut out the costs of manual labor. Therefore, you can have a fully accessible and compliant website at a price that seamlessly fits into your business’ budget and objectives.

Prior to accessiBe, websites needed to be remediated manually. Therefore, websites of all sizes were paying accessibility developers by the hour to go line by line. Yes, this definitely adds up! Depending on project scope, remediation could cost anywhere from $5,000 to $100,000. This is a cost that small-medium businesses simply cannot afford and that enterprise corporations simply shouldn’t have to. Accessibility is a fundamental right and should be easily achievable for everyone. Cost is a huge factor for businesses and, if it’s too high, can be the biggest impediment to accessibility.

As part of our mission to make the entire Internet accessible, we vow to keep prices affordable for everyone, always. The only thing that determines the price is your page count. Although all plans receive the full suite of accessibility features, it’s important to designate the correct payment plan.

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