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Does accessWidget have any technological limitations?

accessWidget complies with all aspects according to the WCAG 2.1 AA, or Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. These are the most widely-adopted standards for web accessibility. There are however additional accessibility adjustments that contribute to certain accessible digital experiences that accessWidget’s technology does not provide yet.

Here is a list of technological limitations in accessWidget:

  • accessWidget does not create subtitles or closed captioning for videos, and does not make Word documents or PDF files on the site accessible since they are not part of the source code. accessWidget only applies accessibility to the site itself.
  • accessWidget does not edit, modify, or override prior accessibility adjustments that were made on the site since it takes into consideration that if you've manually implemented a feature, there was a reason for it. For example: if you created image descriptions (Alt text), accessWidget will not override them. Please note that this means that if you have applied accessibility adjustments, and they were perhaps incorrect, then accessWidget may not correct your errors in some cases. Additionally, it is important to make sure that if you apply accessibility adjustments yourself or are using an additional tool, that it doesn't collide and override ours.
  • accessWidget is based on machine learning technology. This means that in order to be accurate, accessWidget has to encounter a component many times on several different websites. The more it encounters a component, the better it can make it accessible. For example, accessWidget will almost certainly fix your menus, dropdowns, popups, forms, buttons, lists, galleries, and more, as those components exist on almost any website. But if your website contains very specific components like a customized quiz, test, ticketing or booking features, special effects, or games, then accessWidget might not be able to make it accessible because it hasn’t encountered these elements enough before. In these cases, you'll need to make the accessibility adjustments manually.