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How is accessWidget better than competitors?

accessWidget is a game-changing solution because it has entered a space that was still using outdated, obsolete methods and revolutionized it for the convenience of everyone: people with disabilities and business owners. 

The web accessibility industry is made up of three dominant categories: manual accessibility, plugins/add-ons, and accessWidget - the leading AI-driven, automated solution. Below you will find a detailed explanation of the various accessibility options, as well as a simple visual comparison table that will help you easily see the difference between those possible solutions.

1. Plugins and add-ons (free or not)

Solutions of this kind are usually free or low-cost. This is because the accessibility adjustments that they achieve are easily attained and don’t require much effort. In fact, they achieve up to 5-15% of the requirements (as per the WCAG). The remaining accessibility requirements involve complex processes, such as screen reader optimization and keyboard navigation, for the blind and motor-impaired respectively, that need to be properly adhered to. That’s why free or low-cost tools cannot achieve the full range of accessibility. Therefore, your website will not be accessible to all people with disabilities and you’ll be vulnerable to lawsuits

2. Manual accessibility services

Manual remediation is exactly what it sounds like: line-by-line code evaluation and remediation of your site’s code. With this method, your site can reach compliance with legislation but there are caveats you need to be aware of.

Time: Projects can take anywhere from 3-26 weeks depending on the size of the website. If you have a demand letter or lawsuit looming, time is of the essence. Don’t forget that this does not include the time it takes for manual remediation of any change or update you make to your site. 

Cost: Simply put, manual remediation is priced by labor. Paying an hourly rate for someone to inspect your code line by line is something that piles up and can really only be determined by project scope. It can cost anywhere from $5,000-$100,000 depending on website size. Most small-medium businesses cannot realistically afford to do this every 6-12 months.

Maintenance: Initial accessibility remediation is just the tip of the iceberg. Once a project is finished, there’s no one around to make sure that the accessibility sticks. This is because the web is dynamic by nature. Your website’s content is constantly updating, as well as browsers, assistive technology, screen readers, website builders and CMSs, and so on. Whenever one of these is updated, you need to make sure that your accessibility is still intact. If you have opted for manual remediation, you will need to pay for extra remediation and maintenance which of course will take more time. Otherwise, within 6-12 months, so many updates will have taken place that your website will need whole new accessibility remediation.

3. accessWidget - AI-driven & automated

accessWidget uses AI and automation to make the entire process of accessibility and compliance affordable, and effective. This is done by combining two robust applications, the accessibility interface, and AI processes, that together achieve all accessibility standards:

Accessibility interface

The accessibility interface is a session-based UI tool that enables site visitors to adjust your site according to their personal accessibility needs. With over a dozen modifications and comprehensive accessibility profiles, your website’s design can become accessible to all users.

AI processes

accessWidget’s robust AI uses contextual understanding and computer vision technology to scan a website and automatically adjust it to meet accessibility guidelines and standards. Furthermore, the AI will learn the purpose of site elements to ensure an accessibility experience that resembles how your site’s functionality should be used. This means that accessWidget goes beyond basic requirements to ensure that your site visitors have a comprehensive digital experience.