accessiBe Announces $12 Million Series A Funding

accessiBe Secures $12m Funding

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What types of disabilities does accessiBe help with?

AccessiBe's technology covers a wide range of disabilities, diseases and various disorders. The system itself was developed in close cooperation with disabled people from a wide range of fields, so that we saw with our own eyes, throughout the development, how different people with different problems surf the Internet, what their difficulties are, and how we can help and support them. Based on this information, we developed all the system's features, including the entire technological and conceptual line that leads to the nature of its activities.

If you go into specific problems, then AccessiBe knows how to make websites fully accessible for the following disabilities and even more:

  • Full or partial blindness, using screen reading software such as NVDA or JAWS.
  • Motor disabilities such as joint injuries, limb amputations and more.
  • Parkinson's disease (shaking hands - inability to use the mouse).
  • Epilepsy (seizures when flashing animations are running).
  • Seniors (With a wide variety of possible disabilities).
  • Cognitive disabilities such as memory disorders, dyslexia, people who've been through a stroke, and more.
  • Various visual impairments such as color blindness, cataracts, glaucoma, and more.

For each type of disability, AccessiBe offers a different set of tools that will enable these people to adapt the site for themselves in the best way possible.

How does it work? Read more about our technology!

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