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The accessWidget interface loads slowly and shows up after too much time

accessWidget is designed to load asynchronously with your site, meaning it will only load and appear after your page has fully uploaded. This happens to achieve 2 goals:

  1. To make the entire website accessible, not just specific parts of it.
  2. So that it does not affect the site speed or performance in any way.

Since accessWidget will be the last thing that loads on your site, you will not see the icon or functionality until your website has completely displayed. The accessWidget system itself takes 0.2 seconds to load on any domain, meaning the load time of your site itself, will affect how long it takes for you to see accessWidget. For example: If your site loads in 4 seconds, accessWidget will appear in 4.2 seconds. If your site loads in 8 seconds, then accessWidget will appear in 8.2 seconds.

If you’re interested in checking the load time of your site, we recommend using a site called Pingdom. You can find a direct link to it here.

If you still feel there may be an error with accessWidget not loading promptly, please connect one of our representatives and we can investigate this for you as soon as possible.