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Why are there errors when using testing tools such as WAVE and Lighthouse for accessWidget?

Testing tools such as WAVE and Lighthouse are free tools for checking your site’s accessibility level. These tools are good at checking basic elements of a site such as duplicate links, title hierarchies, duplicate titles, lack of image descriptions, or ALT text among other things. 

Since accessWidget is a session-based tool, these compliance tools will not be able to pick up on accessWidget adjustments. This is because accessWidget is designed to automatically activate when it detects that a user with assistive technology is attempting to access the site. This ensures that all adjustments are easily activated and that the browsing experience of site visitors that don’t need the adjustments isn’t affected at all.

Therefore, since compliance tools do not access a website in the form of assistive technology, they will not be able to analyze accessWidget’s presence on a website and none of the accessibility adjustments that go with it.

accessWidget does however have integration with WAVE for this purpose so that users can see accessWidget’s adjustments while using the compliance tool.