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Why isn't accessWidget showing up on my site?

If you have already installed accessWidget on your site, but you still aren’t seeing the accessibility icon displayed on your site - you’ve come to the right place! 

This can happen due to a handful of reasons - but it's an easy fix:

  1. The trial for your website has expired/the site is not on an active trial - The message simply means that the 7-day trial you had registered for has expired. In order to get accessWidget back up and running, you will need to purchase a license directly within your account, or with your sales representative.
  2. The code is not installed properly - Having the script installed in the wrong area can cause accessWidget to not work. To check this, please go to your site and press F12. When you do this, a bar will pop up on the bottom portion of your screen which will display your website’s code. After you see this, press Control + F, and a search bar will appear at the bottom. In this search field type “acsb” and if you see results from this - you should have installed everything correctly. If not, here you can find our installation guides for your convenience.
  3. Browser cache error - This error can happen if you have a lot of cached files on your browser from your website (stored to improve load speeds when reentering) that make you see the version you previously had before installing accessWidget. To fix this error, you will simply have to clear your browser’s cache (this can vary depending on the browser). In most cases, navigate to your browser history and clear your cached images and files. Once completed, you should be able to reload your browser and accessWidget should appear.
  4. Website cache error - Different systems enable you to optimize your website’s loading speed by caching your scripts and your styles. Whenever you need to update your site, for example when installing accessWidget, you’ll also have to clear your website’s cache if you want to see the update happen. Find the best way to clear your cache in the system that you use and you should be able to see accessWidget.
  5. Script Conflict - In very rare cases, a current script on your site may conflict with accessWidget and its ability to load on the site. To check if this is the case we will need to inspect your site in a similar way we did in Step 2 (Press F12). After you see this, select the Console tab. If you see anything relating to accessWidget, or acsb in this view, it means this is the reason accessWidget hasn't appeared on your site. If this is the case, please contact one of our representatives via live chat or by email at [email protected]

If the issue persists after this troubleshooting, please connect with one of our representatives and we would be happy to look into this and get it resolved for you as soon as possible!