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May 12, 2020

accessiBe Secures $12 Million Series A Funding from Leading Investment Firm K1 Capital

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In February 2020 (Announced May 2020), accessiBe was secured $12 million in funding from K1, a leading investment firm that focuses on global high-growth enterprise software companies. 

This funding represents an important milestone for accessiBe, which is growing quickly to move into new markets and meet demand from around the world for its affordable, automated web accessibility solution. As accessibility legislation increases globally, and businesses increasingly wake up to their responsibilities to customers with disabilities, making websites fully accessible for all users is becoming a hot topic. 

accessiBe is the only company that produces an AI-powered accessibility platform that’s capable of meeting and exceeding requirements like WCAG 2.1 and ADA Title III for web accessibility. 

For small to medium businesses, this is a lifesaver, as they cannot afford to pay for an expensive accessibility lawsuit, but they also cannot afford a costly manual solution. For large companies, this is an operations saver, as making each and every tiny update or marketing effort such as pop-ups and banners accessible can slow down to a halt advertising efforts.

accessiBe intends to use the funding to expand into larger office premises, hire more staff, keep improving Its solution,  and stimulate greater demand in new markets. 

K1 recognizes the strong position that accessiBe occupies. The K1 capital investment fund is looking for dynamic businesses that have the potential to become industry leaders, providing support, identifying and executing growth opportunities.

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  • 1 Weeks Ago

    Idea. With so much screen time, eyes are suffering blue light overload. Couldn't this filter be programmed into software? I have MS optical issues but think this would help everyone. GOOD LUCK GUYS AND CONGRATS!

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    Its different

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      Your company is doing a wonderful thing, as you do not have to donate, So it is out of the goodness of your heart, and that is honorable of your company to do so.