Web accessibility, WCAG and ADA Compliance  for Divi

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Divi is a WordPress theme and website-building platform. Its visual editor is user-friendly and built for beginners and experienced professionals who want to build a site from scratch. Users can choose to browse a template library when creating a site or can go custom with Divi’s page-builder tool.

Other characteristics of the Divi platform include responsive and inline text editing, global elements and styles, CSS control, and thousands of design options to add to your website

Divi offers an accessibility plugin, known as the Accessibility Helper. It is designed to help users achieve WCAG 2.1 AA compliance but doesn’t guarantee that it follows all of the guidelines. The plugin provides an option to visualize how a site would perform when synced with assistive technology and offers ARIA support to add the proper attributes across Divi-created design elements. There is also the option to add Alt and Title text from Divi’s library. 

Divi’s Accessibility Helpers also claims to add more accessibility options with updates, but since it doesn’t guarantee that it follows all of the WCAG’s guidelines, it might be a better option for you to invest in an automatic solution, like accessWidget, that maintains long term ADA compliance by scanning and remediating new and existing website content every 24 hours.

The importance of an accessible Divi website

Ensuring WCAG and ADA compliance on your Divi website will mitigate the legal risk associated with inaccessibility. Following the 2018 DOJ affirmation that websites are considered places of public accommodations according to the ADA Title III, the rise of web-related lawsuits only continued to climb yearly. Therefore, maintaining compliance is the best method to prevent the possibility of litigation.

Aside from the legal reasons to build and operate an accessible, it’s also just the right thing to do. If inaccessible, your website will exclude 15% of the global population living with a disability and your reputation as an inclusive website may never take off.

Using accessiBe with Divi

With accessiBe, Divi users don’t have to choose between beauty and accessibility. accessiBe’s AI-driven and automated solution makes existing websites ADA-compliant by remediating the website’s code according to WCAG 2.1 level AA guidelines. accessiBe’s solution is session-based, meaning only those with disabilities will see adjusted design elements, leaving your design completely intact.

Download the accessiBe WordPress plugin now!