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Integrations: Sync with an integrated app

Sync accessFlow issues with your integrated app.

Export an accessFlow issue

Export an issue from accessFlow into an issue in your integrated app.

To export an issue

1. In the Workflow page, click Manage on an issue.

Screenshot of Manage issue

2. In the remediation panel, click Export.

Screenshot of remediation panel

An issue is created in your integrated app as specified in the connection (for example a ticket in Jira).

Note: Comments are exported the first time you click Export. Any changes to comments are not synced with the integrated app.

Update an issue’s status

In your integrated app update the status of an issue.

Screenshot of ClickUp ticket

The corresponding status of the issue in accessFlow is automatically updated as was configured in the integration setup.

For example, marking the status of a ClickUp ticket as complete will update the accessFlow ticket to resolved.

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