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How do people with visual impairments use accessWidget?

Challenges on the web

Websites come in many shades, colors, and sizes. For people with visual impairments, the wrong color combination or font size can make it frustrating or even impossible to view your site’s content. Common visual impairments include blurred vision, color blindness, and glaucoma. 

For example, you could be using one main color for your website’s theme but a site visitor with color blindness won’t be able to see it at all. In some cases, fonts are too compact or font size too small for a site visitor to read what is written on a page.

One of the main impediments to accessible design is that website owners don’t want to compromise their website’s design and branding for accessibility, because a website is an extension of their business. With accessWidget, you can stay true to your design and be accessible at the same time.

How accessWidget helps

Upon implementing accessWidget on your site, you will immediately see the new accessibility interface on your website. This interface is a session-based tool that allows visually-impaired site visitors to make ‘on-demand’ adjustments for the time that they are on the site. For site visitors who don’t require adjustments, nothing will change in your site’s design.

UI and design adjustments include content adjustments, color adjustments, and orientation adjustments. In addition, the interface offers visitors with visual impairments a ‘Visually Impaired Profile’ specifically tailored to their needs. All the aforementioned accessibility adjustments for visual impairments will be simultaneously activated allowing them to easily view your content.