How Web Accessibility Can Improve Your Website Performance

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Having an accessible website is a strategic business advantage that can enhance your website’s performance. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of web accessibility.

accessiBe Team

Every website should be an inclusive website. Equitable access to services and information is a civil right, and it's every brand's responsibility to make sure that no one is excluded. But web accessibility is more than just a legal requirement. In many countries, including the United States, having an accessible website is a strategic business advantage that can enhance your website’s performance. It can impact bounce rates, organic traffic, and the user experience for everyone. 

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of web accessibility on website performance.

Optimize SEO and Increase Traffic 

Web accessibility can improve your website’s search engine ranking. Let’s break down how with a quick example; an accessible website is compatible with assistive technologies for people with disabilities. For users who are blind, web page formatting must be properly labeled in order for their screen reader to read the content to them. 

But here’s where the business benefits go above and beyond. An accessible format is also an optimized SEO format. Well-structured, clear content with headers, subheaders, and alternative text descriptions for images is both accessible and search engine ranking (SEO) optimized.

"A good site structure is at the very core of good SEO — optimizing for the crawlers." - Neil Patel 

Search engines like Google rely on various signals to understand and index the content of websites accurately. By incorporating accessibility into your website's DNA, you provide additional cues and context that help search engines understand what you have to offer. The result is improved visibility, higher organic search rankings, and an SEO performance that can launch you ahead of your competitors.

A recent study by SEMRUSH analyzed 847 websites that implemented accessibility remediation solutions and tracked their traffic before and after implementation. The results revealed that over 73% of the sites experienced growth in organic traffic, at an average increase of 12%. When it comes to specific solutions, the results are not all the same. According to Accessibility Checker, websites experienced a 113% increase in organic traffic after installing accessWidget.

Improve UX and Usability

Accessible websites are designed to be universal, meaning the intuitive design should benefit all users, regardless of ability. Well-designed forms, clear error messages, and easy-to-understand interactive elements reduce confusion and frustration, contributing to a smoother user experience for all. For people living with disabilities, web accessibility is absolutely essential to the user experience, but the UX and usability of a website can be dramatically improved for everyone with an accessibility solution. 

Take accessWidget for example. It’s a solution that provides users with an optional interface to activate accessibility profiles, allowing them to choose the one that best optimizes their web experience. For example, some people find that higher contrasting colors, enlarged font size, or a highlight that moves across the page as they scroll, makes understanding and consuming content online easier and more enjoyable. 

For people with disabilities such as epilepsy, autism, or ADHD, these profiles can make or break their ability to use your website, read your content, and make purchases. With a customizable accessibility solution, UX options are accessible to all of your users, enhancing the experience and usability for those with disabilities and also for those without.

Boost Your Bottom Line

Web accessibility can directly impact your bottom line, and it has the potential to bring in new revenue. By providing an accessible experience for all users, you tap into the vast market of people with disabilities and have an estimated $13 trillion in annual disposable income with very few online options to spend it on.

Between the increased market reach of the portion of the population with disabilities and the optimized UX for all users with a customizable accessibility solution, you can look forward to higher conversion rates. In short, an accessible website means access to more business.