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Funnels: Create an action funnel

Create a custom action funnel for auditing key events along the customer journey to ensure compliance. These events could include adding an item to a cart or signing up. The funnel is then executed during the regular audit process and the results are displayed in the dashboard.

Note: If you have configured steps to bypass a login wall, accessFlow automatically executes these steps and logs you in to the site before executing the steps in the funnel. See Configure Scan Parameters 

To create an action funnel

1. Go to Funnels in the top menu.

2. Click Add Action Funnel.

3. Enter an Action name. For example, login.

4. Enter the Funnel web path of the starting page. For example, /my-account

5. Select the Device type: Desktop or Mobile.

6. Select an action type from the following:

  • Click an element: Enter the action selector of the element to click.
  • Check a checkbox: Enter the action selector of the checkbox to select.
  • Type text: Enter the action selector of the text box and type the text to appear in the text box.
  • Wait 10 seconds: Wait10 seconds before executing the next step.
  • Wait for selector: Enter the action selector to wait for. 

7. Enter the action selector. For example, #detailRight > div.designPrices > div > div:nth-child(2) > label

8. In the web page, click on the element.

9. Right click and select Inspect.

10. In the developer’s tool pane, right click and select Copy > Copy selector. See Copy a CSS selector

11. Paste the selector into the action selector field in accessFlow.

12. Click Add Step to add another step to the action funnel.

Screenshot of save and validate steps

13. Click the x icon to delete a step.

14. Click Save & Validate Steps.

Each step is executed and validated. If there are errors, click the down arrow next to the error message to view the errors. Fix the errors and click Save & Validate Steps again.

Screenshot of validate funnel errors

Note: The maximum number of steps allowed in a funnel is limited to 25.

See Edit an action funnel