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Funnels: Record an action funnel session

Creating action funnels manually can be time-consuming. A browser extension lets you record an action funnel session with all the steps. Each action and the elements they are acted on are captured and saved for the accessFlow scanner to run an audit. The funnel is executed during the regular audit process and the results are displayed in the dashboard.

Recording an action funnel is supported on Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

Note: If you have configured steps to bypass a login wall, accessFlow automatically executes these steps and logs you in to the site before executing the steps in the funnel. See Bypass a login wall

Install the chrome extension

The extension can be installed from the Chrome web store or from accessFlow as described below.

To install the recording extension

1. Go to Funnels on the top menu.

2. Select Record Funnel.

3. Select Install extension.

4. Select Add to Chrome.

5. In the popup, select Add extension.

The extension will install in your browser.

Record an action funnel session

To record an action funnel session

1. Go to Funnels on the top menu.

2. Select Record Funnel.

3. Enter the initial web path and page where you would like to being recording your actions. For example, /login

4. Select Start Funnel. The initial web page opens.

5. On the page, perform the actions you want to record. You can add a wait time between actions by selecting +10 sec on the toolbar.

Screenshot of actions timeline

6. Select End Funnel.

7. Review the actions that were created:

  • Under Action name, enter a name for this action funnel. For example, Add to cart.
  • Select Add Step to manually add a missing step.
  • Select the x icon to delete a step.

Note: The maximum number of steps allowed in a funnel is limited to 25.

See Create an action funnel

See Funnels Overview