accessiBe acquires leading service company and platform Routier

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Routier’s co-founders Gal Bareket and Niv Penso, Israeli elite intelligence unit 8200 alums, have joined our family at the C-suite level to help us meet the increasing demand for innovative professional services and the development of new products.

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Earlier this year, we announced our increased investment and vowed to put it towards various awareness and R&D initiatives that will make web accessibility a fundamental part of every business. Since then, we’ve launched two new products, accessFlow, and accessCampus, started a non-profit initiative called accessFind, raised awareness on national TV, and opened an office in New York City.

And now, we have come through on our promise yet again! We’re thrilled to announce that accessiBe has officially completed an acquihire of Routier and the executives behind the industry-leading services platform.

The acquisition of Routier’s execs will allow us to scale up our R&D capabilities and offer more professional services

Over the past year, we have continued to expand across three continents. We are proud to say that accessiBe’s web accessibility automated solution is being used by hundreds of thousands of websites, increasing every day. 

Until now we’ve provided businesses one way of becoming accessible, and this method is suitable for most businesses, but not all. With the addition of our R&D capabilities, however, we will be able to provide products and services that do cater to all businesses and needs.

After collaborating for several months on a variety of projects with the amazing team behind Routier, Niv Penso, and Gal Bareket, we decided to make them an official part of the accessiBe team. Niv and Gal bring to the table significant capabilities that will enable us to maintain our innovative edge and broaden our services as we  become a one-stop-shop for web accessibility 

Niv and Gal, both alums of Israel’s intelligence unit 8200, are excited to join our mission to open the web to everyone. "Our expertise in AI and advanced SaaS platforms will assist accessiBe in its development of more disruptive technologies and continuously take enterprise-grade tools and make them available also for small engineering teams," said Niv, who will be accessiBe’s new CTO and lead the technological advancement of all our products.

accessiBe is evolving into a full-suite web accessibility hub

Niv, as the new CTO, leading the R&D department, has already hit the ground running with the recent beta launch of two new products that make web accessibility achievable by everyone.

accessCampus is an online education platform for web professionals to learn about web accessibility directly from people with disabilities. accessFlow is an all-in-one platform to test, monitor, and remediate web and application accessibility for coders, designers, and product managers.

Gal, as the CSO, is leading the development and expansion of accessiBe’s professional services department. The services include website remediation, auditing, and testing, as well as media and video services, file remediation, and consultation.

As accessiBe grows, we can make web accessibility achievable for everyone and ultimately open the web for people with disabilities. The acquihire of Routier is a huge milestone for an inclusive web, and we can’t wait to share more exciting updates with you in the future!