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accessFlow overview

accessFlow offers distinct views tailored to different personas, providing product and project managers with an overview of progress, while allowing developers to delve deeper into the details and resolve issues with ease.


The Workflow page gives a project management view of compliance issues in order of priority and grouped by type.

accessFlow organizes your remediation project into 4 phases. Each phase includes different tasks sorted by priority and grouped by categories. As you complete the tasks in each phase, your score updates in real-time to reflect your progress, and the next phase unlocks.

Phase 1: Basic - Focus on fixing the extreme and high severity issues found in our audit that break accessibility. Achieve a score of 90%+ to move to the next phase.

Phase 2: Advanced - Address the medium and low severity issues in order of priority. Achieve a score of 90%+ to move to the next phase.

Phase 3: Usability - Make sure your project and all its components offer a user-friendly and enjoyable experience.

Phase 4: Verification - Verify that your project meets all the relevant guidelines. Use manual and automated accessibility audits to ensure that nothing significant has gone unnoticed.


Audit your website and resolve issues. As you complete tasks, your score will improve.

The Audits page includes the following:

Dashboard: View the current compliance status of your project and see how your project is progressing.

  • View a PDF of your websites current accessibility status
  • Add a web page to the accessibility audit

Main Page: View and resolve issues in your website's main page and sub pages.

  • Manually audit your website for compliance issues
  • Visualize your compliance issues

Template: View and resolve template issues. Template elements, such as footers, menus, and logos, exist on multiple pages across your website, and resolving them first will quickly improve your compliance score.


View and manage the accessibility of your web digital assets.


Build custom action funnels for auditing key events along the customer journey.


Integratate with popular project management and issue tracking tools.