Martyn Sibley  - Co-founder and CEO Purple Goat, and Disability Change Maker

Growing up with Spinal Muscular Atrophy, Martyn faced multiple personal challenges and successfully chased down many dreams. After gaining a degree in Economics and a master's in marketing, Martyn started his career at a charity for disability rights. Following his love of blogging and social media, he quickly became a disabled influencer and has been voted regularly in the top 5 of the UK's disability power 100 lists. He loves working in media and tourism for social change and is also a published author and podcast host to boot.

In more recent years he's grown Disability Horizons magazine, co-founded Accomable (an accessible travel site that was bought by Airbnb), and Martyn recently co-founded the Purple Goat Agency. Purple Goat is the world's first and only disability influencer marketing agency, working with brands like Tesco, Starling Bank, and Virgin Media to help them grow through the disability consumer market.

Martyn Sibley has a vision for a fully inclusive world. His online content, community, and businesses all sit at the cross-section of entrepreneurship, social media marketing, and disability inclusion. He has been able to follow many of his dreams. From working in London to driving a car with his hands, scuba diving, writing an adventure travel memoir, and being engaged to his soul mate. His mantra and book title is 'Everything is possible!

Martyn’s agency, Purple Goat, is leading accessiBe’s campaign that involves influencers with different disabilities and is calling to unlock web accessibility now. Showing how people with a wide range of disabilities browse the web raises the awareness of those who build websites to make them more inclusive. 

Martyn talking a trip outside