Sheldon Lewis  - Nonprofit Partnership Manager

Sheldon is a blind entrepreneur, working at accessiBe as a Nonprofit Partnerships manager. Sheldon was diagnosed at a young age with Choroideremia, a genetically inherited degenerative eye disease that would ultimately lead to blindness in adulthood. After graduating from The Philadelphia College of Textiles and Science as Vice President of the university fraternity, he returned to his hometown of Montreal to manage the family textile business which included traveling the world despite his deteriorating eyesight. Sheldon is a member of several committees such as The Choroideremia Research Foundation, Westmount Committee on Accessibility, and The Philanthropy committee for Habilitas. He is the glowingly proud grandfather of Lily and Andie and, while he cannot see them, he delights in their company and plays all kinds of silly games with them.

Sheldon smiling to the camera

Sheldon works with accessiBe as the Nonprofit Partnership Manager, building strategic partnerships with disability-focused organizations to educate wide audiences about web accessibility and to increase awareness of the importance of an inclusive web.